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A new generation of immersive technologies

has inspired a new generation of storytellers

now we're building bridges to connect the creators of tomorrow

with the audiences of today

Storytelling in a brave new world

We are first and foremost creators. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are our new mediums to express ourselves.

To connect to audiences, we’ve incubated ideas, developed innovative technologies, and engineered our own distribution strategies in order to be heard. Now we’re helping other creators do the same.

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our clients are leaders in the industry

We work with the leading immersive storytellers in the world: publishers, studios, developers, agencies, directors and other visionaries.

Our Technology

We’ve worked with our partners to navigate through many of the technical roadblocks in our way, but there’s still a long road ahead. We’re rapidly building and growing to meet new demands and opportunities at the bleeding edge of this new medium.

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For VR Creators

We help to distribute premium content to publishers, arcades, exhibitors, and locations worldwide using the Vusr platform. If you are a VR content creator looking to monetize your experiences with new audiences, we would like to hear from you.

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Our Team

Vusr was incubated within Secret Location, a content studio for emerging platforms with over 250 awards and nominations for our work.

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